Our Supervisory Training classroom program trains leaders at all levels in the basic human interaction skills which every leader...from supervisor through senior executive...must master.

We have a behaviorally based, skill-acquisition oriented supervisory training program for you that produces measurable results. And...you or we can deliver this multi-award winning supervisor training program.

It's a perfect program for many organizations because it allows for specific supervisory skills to be trained and acquired in four-hour modules, over time, with practical applications and focused practice in between the sessions, online reinforcement, 24/7 online resource center and more. And this is with a program which has earned a multitude of national awards and has had more than two million participants.

We also have a substantial discount (GSA level pricing) available for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

We can deliver or you can deliver.

This is a world-class, award winning management and supervisor training program that we can deliver for you, or that you or your experienced trainers can deliver yourselves.

Methodology -- Behavioral based skill acquisition

In this program the learner is told, shown and then practices what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Practice, coaching, and more practice in our four-hour classroom modules which are designed to facilitate behavioral-based skill acquisition.

Bridge the gap from the classroom to the workplace

Participants document and then develop and practice on their own real-world cases, solidifying the transition of learning to where it really counts…on the job.

It works. This is not esoteric theoretical, knowledge-based supervisory training. This is practical, pragmatic, skill-based training that produces skilled supervisors at every level of leadership in your organization.

See and hear an audio/video overview of the product and processes with samples of material

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The online component -- skill reinforcement. We are very unique with how our online program was developed. The cognitive content of the classroom modules has been extracted and placed into our award-winning online program. This wonderful reinforcement training helps people move from a position where they can do the skill after one of our modules, to a position where they will automatically use the skill, because it has been reinforced, and they have received ongoing coaching and support. Having access to watching the same skills points and to the videos of the skills being used that they observed in the classroom is also a great way to extend the value of that training over a full year. This blended program is one of the components we use to help the brain in its process to form new neural pathways. Take the online demo here.

Refresher training and ramp-up training

The online training is also superb refresher training and wonderful "ramp up" training for a new supervisor who must start the new job in between classes.

Small and dispersed organizations.

Using the online training for the cognitive piece and then getting a small group of two or more people to go though these modules one at a time...using the workbooks that are designed for the classroom, with their great array of in-depth readings, exercises, discussions, skill-practices and the "one-of-a-kind" Trouble Shooting guides is a great way to go.

Save time with the blended program

Using the online for the cognitive phase of learning also allows hospitals, some manufacturing facilities and others who can not afford four hours without a supervisor, to significantly reduce the time required in the classroom for the practice and discussions by using our blended learning program.

This program offers you unparalleled flexibility in how, when, and where you implement training. This Series is an HRE Magazine Product of the Year Award Winner.

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More information about each course may be viewed and printed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Supervisory Series

Here is a list of the modules in the supervisory series with a short note on each.  These are the classroom-based programs.  The online programs cover the same skills and draw from the same in-class video examples, providing superb reinforcement, refresher training and ramp-up training. Click on the  individual module to go to a  link for a more detailed overview of each. To download the details of the modules, click on the titles.

Essential Skills of Leadership (ESL) -- the first foundation module.  Skills developed here are used in each subsequent module.  Participants develop the skills needed to maintain a team member's self-esteem (even when there is bad news), maintain a focus on observable behavior (and staying away from perceived intent and attitudes), and more.  (take the online version of this module as a demo.)

Essential skills of Communicating (ESC) -- the second foundation module.  Again, the specific skills developed in this module are critical to the success of subsequent modules.  Among others, they include the skills needed to establish an atmosphere of open communication, and some very specific active listening skills.

Developing Performance Goals and Standards-- Participants develop the skills to jointly and collaboratively establish SMART goals and agree upon objective standards with their team members which focus upon both the needs of the organization and the needs of the people.

Providing Performance Feedback -- Each of us needs feedback about how what we are doing is being received.  Participants learn specific steps to ensure feedback is effective and leads to committed future performance,

Improving Work Habits -- Participants learn the skills needed to deal effectively with some of the toughest issues a leader must get involved with...hygiene, tardiness, sloppiness, etc, while maintaining the self-esteem and gaining the commitment of the team member.

Coaching Job Skills -- Coaching job skills is a lot more involved than just talking to someone.  Participants learn and practice a step-by-step approach...the skills necessary to provide outstanding results.

Delegating -When, to whom, why and how should a leader delegate for the process to be effective?  Participants learn the answers and practice the skills.

Effective Discipline --  If it's not positive, it's punishment, not discipline.  Participants learn the difference, learn the skills needed to get the participants to acknowledge the situation,  help provide answers for a solution and become committed enough to follow-through.

Managing Complaints -- Participants learn how to capitalize upon complaints, how to effectively deal with them, and to look forward to the opportunity to deal with the issues which often underlie the stated complaint.

Supporting Change -- Change is a constant, but people need to be involved and be supported as the changes occur.  Participants learn the necessary skills to accomplish both.

Resolving Conflict -- Conflicts between team members can adversely impact any organization.  Participants learn the specific skills to diffuse the situation, reframe the discussion, and collaboratively establish a working relationship that at least does not interfere with productivity.

Communand icating Up -- Our most popular module with senior leaders.  Participants learn to understand that it is their responsibility to determine what their leaders want and how they want it.  It is also their responsibility to not only identify problems to their leaders, but to bring well-organized and well-staffed solutions to them.

Advanced Training:

We also have some follow-on, advanced training. We have:

  • Four modules in Project Management
  • Two modules on Hiring Winning Talent and
  • Two on RetainingWinning Talent.

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Achieving Long-Term Behavioral Changes

That's harder than we once thought.. The reality is that most soft-skill training...training in Human Interaction skills...rarely if ever, produce any lasting, measurable behavioral changes. But...the good news is, you do have the abillity to change that.

The training department can not do it alone. Real, sustainable, long-term change requires fhe commitment of the senior leadership to support and model the behaviors and to coach and mentor their direct reports; up-front assessments of skills (not just cognitive knowledge); the implementation of a behavioral-oriented, skill-acquisition based, spaced-learning training program; reinforcement, feedback, and practice over an extented time-frame; and finally, an intentional integration of the skills into the business practices, policies and procedures of the organization.

With these elements, you really can move your organization from one which provides training in which people can do the skills by the time they leave the classroom, to one where they will do the skills is a major change for organizations.

Here's the other good news: The policies and procedures of an organization, and even its culture will tend to correct iteself, if you start this process at the top and roll it out level by level.

Watch a three minute movie that could really change the way you view, select, implement and deliver training programs and then how you assess their value to your organization.

Automated Feedback System

Want to really make an enormous difference in your training program making a long-term difference in the behaviors in your organization? Want to really expand leadership development?  Want to get the best needs analysis possible?  Want to do a corporate cultural survey? Want to get info about EEO. You can do all of the above by combining this product with our processes.

New...Diamond Leadership Program...For senior managers and executives or upper-level mid-managers. Real leader development. Call and ask about our Diamond Leadership Series.

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See and hear an audio/video overview of the product and processes with samples of material

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