About Us
We have been providing organizations with management consulting and training services for over 20 years. Our primary focus has been on working with the leadership of organizations to help both them and their organizations grow.

We are very practical and pragmatic. Theory is nice, and if you prefer that, we can accomodate you, but few really successful business people focus on theory

We very much prefer to find out where an organization is before attempting to solve what may be only a symptom. We use a multitude of psychometric instruments, interviews, focus groups, etc., to achieve this. To do this, we draw from several years of teaching the effective use and interpretation of thesetechniques and instruments in graduate school, plus over 20 years of actual use with organizations,

We have been providing Supervisory Training programs for over 20 years, and are certified in a multitude of top-level, off-the-shelf programs; we also customize our own material.

In addition, we market and train the one program we believe to be the best value program for organizations.   It has produced the best results with our clients and a large number of them have made the move to this program from other top-level programs. Then, for organizations which want long-term, sustainable behavioral changes, we have an integrated approach which will help you achieve that too, in a process called the Integrated Learning Solution.

Multi-level feedback has been one of our areas of focus for almost 30 years. We use, and we market, what we consider to be the very best value program for organizations. We use it effectively to help determine a baseline of skills, to help motivate learners, to find out the strengths of individuals and organizations so they can focus their attention on capitalizing upon those strengths, for employee morale indicators, for feedback from customers, and many more. Most recently, using our system, we develop a concept that has dramatically changed the way organizations view, measure, and hold people accountable for training.

We provide executive development and coaching...helping people find ways to capitalize on what they do best.

We have senior level consultants trainers in most parts of the U.S. who are prepared and able to assist you. Most have several advanced/terminal degrees, and a many have also been senior leaders themselves.

 Our active client list extends from Alaska to Florida, up to (and including) Canada, and all points in between.

Our principal has an undergraduate in Business (HR) and also a Master’s degree (plus two additional years) in Industrial Psychology.  He has worked as a senior leader in industry, and as a consultant and trainer has worked with organizations of all sizes, from FORTUNE 50 companies and their people…all of the way to small and mid-sized companies, for more than 20 years.

His expertise is in supervisory, management and leadership training and development with a focus upon organizational and leadership development.

We really walk the talk when it comes to customer service.  We can deliver for you.