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PUCDWhile the Administration Software is a platform for setting up all kinds of surveys, the 20/20 PowerUser CD provides your HR staff with references and tools for implementing 360-degree feedback and other types of surveys.

The Home page shows the wealth of information included in this valuable resource.


"360-degree feedback in perspective..." includes articles about best practices when implementing 360-degree feedback. Get the "real story" about why you'll want to use 360 for development and not for compensation.


"Tips for implementing 360-degree feedback..." provides answers to more than 60..." provides answers to more than 60 commonly-asked questions about 360 feedback. You'll get specific, practical suggestions for topics such as: ensuring successful introduction and implemention of 360 to your organization, developing first-class survey items and helping people plan for follow-up after they receive their feedback.


"About 20/20 Insight GOLD v. 4.0..." helps you learn more about the features and functions.." helps you learn more about the features and functions of the program, with sample reports and sample items from the extensive Survey Library.


"Power Applications..." explains how you can use the 20/20 Insight GOLD software for a variety of individual, team and organization survey. You'll find suggestions for setting up subjects, surveys, scales and open-ended questions for each type of survey. And because of 20/20 Insight's flexibility, you're likely to come up with other applications that aren't included here!


"Case Studies..." describes different ways organizations like yours have used 20/20 Insight GOLD. You'll discover their successes and lessons learned, which can help you create your own successful experiences.


"Facilitator Resources..." includes the tools your facilitators need to conduct sessions for participants. You'll find lesson plans, scripts and PowerPoint files for orientation, interpretation and development planning sessions.



"About Train-to-Ingrain..." contains a two-page executive overview and a detailed 60-page "how-to" guidebook for implementing a process that produces permanent changes in behavior following your training programs. This approach integrates assessment, training and reinforcement elements to make learning an ongoing aspect of work.

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